HR Outsourced Solution

Need a HR Manager but can’t justify the salary?



Do you want to focus on strategic priorities in your business but do not have the time or resources?



Have you considered outsourcing but not sure how or what to do?

The optimal human resource outsourcing strategy will differ from business to business.

eCubed can help you free up your internal resources to help take your business to the next level.


The outsourcing services extend across the HR value chain and afford you the opportunity to select what you want to retain internally and what you want to outsource.


High performing organisations elect to utilise a combination of in-sourcing and outsourcing as this often results in competitive advantage.

eCubed offers the following approaches to outsourcing depending on your specific requirements:


  • Outsourcing only routine administrative tasks. This will free up your internal human resources staff to focus on core business goals and strategic HR matters
  • Outsourcing the HR infrastructure such as benefits administration software and other technological HR solutions

Outsourcing high-level, strategic human resource functions such as recruitment

Outsource Services


Outsource Services

Recruitment & Selection

Outsource Services


Outsource Services

Training & Development

Outsource Services

Exit Interviews

Outsource Services

Personnel Management

Outsource Services

HR Audits

Outsource Services

HR Metrics

Outsource Services

IR Processes

(Chairing hearings)